Wrap detailing for your vehicle

Emphasizing or concealing details on vehicles is growing ever more popular. It’s a good idea to combine DetailWrap with other services.

Changing the colour of a rear view mirror or covering a wing in carbon fibre are examples of details that enhance your vehicle.

WrapChamp works with chrome delete on a daily basis in our studios around the country.

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Car detailing – the process

We put your ideas and our expertise together and quickly work up a design and process for the details on your vehicle. The possibilities are endless in this area, and the smallest details can actually make the biggest difference.

Because clean surroundings are crucial for a successful result, we are meticulous with our studio environment and the way our vehicle wrap technicians handle our materials.

A well-cared-for, modern equipment inventory with high quality materials handled by well-trained personnel add up to perfect results. We deliver DetailWrap of the highest quality.

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