To become a franchisee and open your own studio, please contact the responsible Master franchisee in the current country. If WrapChamp is not established in the countries you want to open, there are two options.

  • Look at the possibility of becoming a Master franchisee yourself.
  • Register on the waiting list until we have found a Master franchisee for the region.

Regardless of whether you are interested in being a franchisee and running a local studio or if you are interested in being a Master franchisee and running an entire country, we encourage you to take part in the information below.

The concept

  • Proven business idea and concept
  • Low risk
  • Extensive portfolio of products and services
  • Professional, efficient business system
  • Ongoing training in the concept
  • Excellent marketing help
  • Enjoy varied work as your own boss
  • Packaged to ensure an efficient business
  • A focus on the essentials!

< For further information, we recommend reading the Franchise Prospectus.

Concept description

See and listen to the concept presentation, where owner and founder Samuel Eriksson provides a brief description of how the WrapChamp concept works.

Do not hesitate to book a "candidate meeting" if you want to know more about becoming a franchisee in this exciting concept.

To open a local studio as a franchisee, contact the establishment manager for the current country.

To buy the right to a larger region or entire country as a Master Franchisee, contact Samuel Eriksson directly according to contact information below.

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Master Franchise


Hear Akbar Ali, Master Franchisee in Norway, explain why he is part of WrapChamp.

"I chose to become a Master franchise because I saw the possibilities in WrapChamp. It was absolutely fantastic to see how fast WrapChamp as a chain grew up in Sweden. My ambitions and goals are to become the largest concept in all aspects of foiling in Norway. The goal we have set is to become 30 franchisees around the country".

Read more in the attached file below

Koncernchef Rickard Eriksson profilbild


My name is Samuel Eriksson and I’m in charge of setting up WrapChamp across the world.

If you’re curious to know more about our chain and how you can seize the opportunity to open your own studio, don’t hesitate to contact me.